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International Ecommerce Platforms: How Shopify Plus Can Help You Scale a Global Ecommerce Business (Examples Included)

Looking for international ecommerce platforms? Look no further as Shopify Plus is your to-go solution! Here is how Shopify can help you scale a global online store!

The most successful retailers and ecommerce businesses in the world share many things, however, among them standout leadership, products, and execution.

In order for you to succeed, an international ecommerce strategy is absolutely required. Your business needs and international ecommerce platform that enhances the international shopping experience, remove logistics complexities, and makes global purchasing feel like easy local shopping.

If you are looking for international ecommerce platforms, look no further as Shopify Plus is one of the best on the market. It is your go-to solution for scaling your business and going global.

How Shopify Plus Can Help You Scale Your Business

From multi-currency selectors to ERP integrations and international warehousing, we have a few examples for you that can show you how exactly Shopify Plus can help you run a global ecommerce business.

We are presenting you Nanoleaf, Rebecca Minkoff, and 100% Pure, 3 ecommerce businesses that have adopted Shopify and managed to increase their annual revenue and scale their online stores:

  • Nanoleaf: By taking advantage of fulfillment solutions, the LED light company experienced huge improvements. Its global customers loved their product offerings and orders, however many of their international purchasers were being discouraged by obscene tariffs, taxes, and extra courier fees that they hadn’t predicted. They, eventually thought that they need to do better internationally so that the customers aren’t being hit by unexpected fees and taxes.
Shopify Plus

To solve this problem, the company improved the international logistics, supply chain, and fulfillment strategies. The solution was pretty simple and obvious – Shopify Plus. By upgrading to Shopify Plus, they’ve managed to set up global storefronts and warehouses. The global storefronts solved many tariffs and shipping issues and what is even more important – the shoppers could also checkout in their preferred currencies and language. The customers can now choose local deliveries that are less expensive and are faster than international providers.

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  • Rebecca Minkoff: Another great example of how Shopify Plus has helped one business scale. In this example, smart technology and style were combined to create a high couture line. Before upgrading to Shopify Plus, the company could not go global unless it offered the right user experience. By taking the step, shopping was made impeccable with multiple currency options, for potential buyers to select while browsing and to choose when checking out. Today, Rebecca Minkoff has a global reach and a currency selector that accepts more than 100 countries and 70 different currencies. The shoppers can easily choose their preferred currency, as well as, their shipping destination. This is a truly successful global ecommerce business.
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  • 100% Pure: This is a natural cosmetics company that began as a start-up in California. Considering the fact that the company required a few retail locations and online stores in 5 different countries, something needed to be done. It required a proper solution. To solve the problem and better manage its business operations, the company has decided to lean on the Shopify Platform and its ERP integrations to design a collection of custom connections that enabled to sync inventory, digital resources, and product information.

100% Pure found it could update each of the physical and digital properties and integrate the entire backend. After this move, the inventory levels were automatically updated once the orders were fulfilled. Also, product descriptions can sync across any retail locations and international stores.

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