Top 3 International E-Commerce Platforms That Will Enhance the Growth of Your Business

Customers are getting attracted by foreign brands and retailers. Therefore international e-commerce is an excellent business for those retailers who are looking for growth. But entering into this industry is not easy because you will require a lot of preparatory work. The greatest thing that should come into your mind before starting this business is an e-commerce website. But how will you create one that will stand out? You need to consider an international e-commerce platform. It will enable you to build a unique and great design. However, choosing a platform is difficult because there are millions of them on the internet. Here are 3 best platforms that will enhance your business growth:


Is security a critical factor in your business? If yes, you need to consider Shopify. It is a cloud-based international e-commerce platform that will secure your business information in the cloud. With this, you will not lose them. Also, it is level 1 PCI compliance to allow the customers to have a safe check-out process. Shopify will let you go globally because of its marketing tools. It has the SEO and social media icon to allow you to reach a massive number of customers.


Although Magento will not offer you an easy to use interface, it is essential when it comes to selling to international customers. It has the multi-lingual feature to allow the customers to understand your message. Also, the multi-currency feature it contains is crucial because you will allow international customers to make quick purchases.

The good thing about Magento is the scalability feature. As you know, targeting both the local and international customers can lead to high sales. It is for this reason why you need a scalability feature. It will allow your website to handle a massive amount of work without collapsing.


BigCommerce focuses more on business growth. It enhances the customers’ experience by allowing retailers to provide coupon codes to their customers. Also, it comes with integrated payment gateways to let the customers use a safe method of payment during the check-out process. BigCommerce stands out from other international e-commerce platforms because of its management features. It comes with the Inventory and order management feature. With this, you will increase the conversion rate because you will deliver the right items to your customers. Also, these management features will help you reduce errors in your business. Because the errors can negatively affect your business, you need to manage your business automatically. It is for this reason why you need to consider BigCommerce.

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